Estas Tonne – The Great Troubadour of 21st Century.


Estas tonne is a well-mastered guitarist and has a peculiar gift from God. Although he has been a hard-working and self-inspired man who loves play guitar and flute also. Estas Tonne playing style is Classic, Fingerstyle and Gypsy and has cultural fusion in his music.

Estas Guitar consisting of 6 string which is classical Guitar. He uses the technique of flamenco which is a personalized art form of folk music of southern Spain. The Toque means playing the guitar is a type of flamenco style.

Estas has a unique type of playing style which mesmerizes the audience. His music is very compelling and expressive. Each note of his music gushes human feeling of empathy, happiness, kindness, envy, friendship, fear, rage, love, confidence, peace in mind and end with the satisfaction of life. It’s just like you are detoxifying the bad emotion and rejuvenated through his music to spread love to mankind.

 The Early Life of Estas Tonne

Estas (Stanislav Tonne) born in Ukraine and started studying classical guitar at the age of 8. Estas tonne grew up in the street of Israel because of his family moved from the Soviet Union in 1990. He became rebellious towards society and school system not finding a way out of his miseries and tough time. Estas lost his way, started doing drugs and fighting. He had a dream to go to the United States Of America make Films.

Every Story Has a Silver Lining

Estas started playing the Guitar in 2001 after 11 years of the break not playing. He felt empty and lost hope, nothing was working out on his way. Estas were not able to fill the empty space he went to the doorstep of a drug dealer asking for drugs. The drug dealer was Arab from Tunisia has seen playing Estas ever day at Venice Beach, California. The dealer refused to sell him drugs but sell advice to him to keep going and play the guitar. The advice of a drug dealer made Esta’s mind explode into billion pieces.

Estas thought that every soul has a purpose in life. In any situation, he should be true to himself no matter what difficulties out there, he should tackle it. From then he never looked back.

 Estas Tonne – Troubadour of 21st Century.

Estas shifted to New York started playing with Michael Shulman at the street. He produced his first album Black and White with Michael Shulman. After that, Estas Touring across the world playing solo and gain popularity.

Esta’s tour of Bridging The World 2016 Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Austria, Russia and Latvia and Lithuania tickets were sold out. Estas never stop touring after this. He rarely likes to stay in one place not more than a year. Estas Tonne is a very humble and affable man with his guitar. He performed in yoga festival, Cathedrals and in Busker festival.

The Estas Tonne Song of Golden Dragon, Internal Flight, Son of The Butterfly and Cuban Rhapsody songs are highly recommended and highly viewed on youtube.

Estas Tonne Discography


Live in ULM- Outer-Inner (Double Album), Mother Of Souls, Internal Flight, Live In Odeon, The inside Movie, Place of the Gods, Bohemian Skies, 13 songs of Truth, Dragon of Delight, Black and White.


Cappadocia Dust, Bird’s Teardrops, Eventide Dreams, Walking in Geneva, Roots, Introspection, Unveiled Mystery, Roots- The Return to the Inner Temple, Internal Flight, Here I am Standing, Cycle of Life, When Words are Wind, Divine Smile, Elemental (Who I Am?), Song of Butterfly, Cuban Rhapsody, Cosmic Fairytale: Dimensions, Rebirth of Thoughts: Between Fire and Water.


Estas believes that there is a bigger picture to this life. Each soul has its own purpose to be here beyond Good and Bad and only he knows deep inside of himself what is true. So Estas is brave Today choose to keep going no matter waves out there, he has to swim through.

Estas Tonne music feels like meditation which calms the mind when song end which feels so fresh. Listening to the songs make me feel and think about mother earth, nature, universe, pain, suffering, happiness, empathy, ego, confidence, love, peace, oneness, God, prayer, praise and guilt. It is a journey of mixed feeling which is very hypnotizing and at the end, you will feel null or zero. Estas Tonne preaching peace and love to the world through his music and inspire us to be brave.

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