BRODHA V- #1 Indian Rapper Best known For English Rapping


Brodha V the best Indian rapper released his first Kannada Rap song called “ Mari Kannu” is his own version of a rap song from the cult classic movie A. The movie A was about the dark side of the film industry and issues like casting couch. Through this rap song Brodha V questions society and examine their values. Kannada rap song well appreciated by the audience and it was difficult for him because he is best in English rapping.

Brodha V, the 29-year-old hip-hop artist, indie rapper, lyricist and music producer is the best Indian rapper who raps in English. His real name is Vignesh Shivanan.

This Indian rapper is from Bangalore and born in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu started rapping at the age of 18 influenced by Nas, Rakkim, Wu-tang Clan and Jay-Z. He engaged with online rap battle community called “text rap battle’ on Orkut, a social media network from which he was appreciated. He evolved his style and started composing songs.

In 2008 he formed Machas with attitude with Smokey the ghost and big Nik. They initially performed in pubs, college event and corporate events until their first single in the movie Aayirathi Oruvan called “oh Eesa”(club mix). They also collaborated with Raghu Dixit for rap piece for the song “dheaon dheaon” from movie Muze Se Friendship Karoge.In 2013 they split to follow their own career path.

Brodha V also released his first solo single mixtape called Death Punch. In 2012 his second single call “On My Own” appreciated a lot for his lyrics and inborn qualities as a rapper. After he released single “aathma raama” in 2012 and “after party’ in 2013. His best of rap song is “Aigiri Nandani” in which he raps in English and Sanskrit nominated for GIMA in 2015. “Let Em Talk” is like south Indian fusion with great English rapping.

Brodha V collaborated with Anirudh Ravichander for “shake it” rap song include dialogue of movie film kaaki sattai. Brodha v also produced and rapped in a spoof of English song “ Fancy” Indian version called “Anu Aunty- the Engineering Anthem with filmmaker Varun Agrawal and standup comedian Sanjay Manaktala and Sumulkhi Suresh.

In 2017 Brodha V also taken part in a social awareness campaign for Congenital Heart Defect made a song using donated heartbeat of the public. The Congenital Heart Defect awareness campaign conducted with Sanjeev Thomas. He is most known for his work as a lead guitarist with A.R Rehman 2005 – 2015.

He also invited to perform in Music Matters Festival in Singapore in 2018. Brodha V and Raaftar also made a rap song called “Naachne ka Shaunq” in which Brodha V raps in Hindi taunting the audience that his rap is a riddle for the audience and has slow career due to the language barrier. Through this song, he conveys reasons that why he is underrated.

Brodha V won Radio City Freedom Awards in 2013 for “Indian Flava” in category Best Hip hop artist and nominated for 4 times. In 2015 Brodha V won Renault Free the Music Award for contribution to Independent Music. Bordha V is also appreciated by other best Indian rapper like Raftaar.

I personally feel that Brodha V is the best English rapper in India and if I have to compare him to any international rapper is none other than Eminem. He is best not because he raps in English but he writes his lyrics and can perform in different language in single songs with the great transition between two languages.he is smart rapper know that his audience for English rap songs is limited but loyal and he continues to entertain them. I feel that we should support such talent because his work is of international level. Who knows he can be next Eminem of India.


Brodha v-the best Indian rapper came up with his first Kannada Rap song called “ Mari Kannu". The Indian rapper question society and examine their values.

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